Unicom Voice and Vision

Voice and Data Solutions 




Unicom Voice and Vision is a focused Unified Telecommunications Company, offering Hi Quality Voice , Data , ISP and Fibre Communication Solutions throughout South Africa.  This includes on and off site IP PBX solutions / Fibre /  Wireless Broadband / Fixed LTE Mobile data services / VoIP connectivity with built in cost savings technology as well as Hosted IP PBX solutions.  We specialize in Cat3/Cat5/Cat6 Data Network and Telecoms infrastructure , CCTV, Video Conferencing TMS Call management with cost savings solutions.  With three decades of ICT experience our focus is "service with excellence and quality" ….always putting YOU, the Customer, first.



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Our professional business service allows you to focus and remain on top!

                        We analyze your business processes and provide support in all other areas of management so you can focus on your business

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